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Exposing The Weather Channel Climate Engineering Cover Up Machine

the weather channel

The power structure owned  Weather Channel is tasked with covering the tracks of the climate engineers and the completely manipulated and unnatural weather they create. Thankfully, a concerted and well organized effort has come together to expose the Weather Channel for what it is, a mechanism of mass deception to hide the climate engineering insanity. My most sincere thanks to former congressional candidate, Greg Pallen, and Marylou Harris for all they have done to sound the alarm on the critical geoengineering issue, and to InfoWars for their help getting the word out with the video below.  Exposing the Weather Channel propaganda machine for what they are is a giant leap in the right direction. I hope all that are able to will attend this very important event.
Dane Wigington


18 Responses to Exposing The Weather Channel Climate Engineering Cover Up Machine

  1. BaneB says:

    Anna, very interesting. God only knows what you are breathing. And being zapped with given all the dish array in your images. Here is a suggestion for seeing structure better within the morphed chemtrail clouds. If you use a iPhone (I am not familiar with other phones) camera, run the images through ‘edit’ and go into the ‘noir’ filter, click on save. You will be amazed at how the cloud structure reveals itself. Removing UV glare makes a huge difference for daylight images.

  2. Matthew says:

    First time here and it seems I came at just the right time.I was I could attend the protest but cannot.Will there be any broadcast of it on the networks,I’m curious how they will be betray it? Hope you guys don’t have any problems with the police.I and many others will be there in spirit.Go get those basted guys.

  3. Freedom Ranger says:

    All of the soil and water samples tested contain barium and strontium. If you get a racing heartbeat for no reason after being outside, powerful anxiety strikes you for no reason, problems breathing, palpitations after being outside. These are all signs of barium toxicity. I read this informative article


  4. Jeff says:


    Courageous people.
    I am always in high hopes that a wave of mass awareness happens very soon,and we defeat this corruption. In total respect for people like,Dane,Greg,and Marylou.
    No one is coming to save us,we need to share what we know is true,even if no one wants to hear it.

  5. At about 6:00 into the film, the presenter mentions calling the local commissioners offices about chemtrails, and speculating that the “officials” are acting dumb. Sorry, they’re not “acting” dumb, they ARE dumb. I’ve attempted to correspond with all sorts of official offices these last few years, and if it’s not in the persons script or job description, they’re totally lost for words. These people are operating in a persistent vegetative state, and it’s mostly due to electromagnetic emissions in their work environment. Poor intellectual performance due to wi-fi emissions is proven scientific FACT. Most persons I interface with in the modern world have been reduced to the intelligence of a bucket of wet cement. No sense of humor. No mental flexibility. Childish and retarded dialog.

    I’ve never been into movies, and haven’t bothered watching television for decades. When I listen to interviews like this one, I can’t believe these are even human beings.
    I’m not exaggerating regarding EMF impacts on brain function. You folks really NEED to turn off your wi-fi and cell phones. Humanity is going brain dead.


  6. Ana says:

    I´ve made a comment but it simply disapeared !but anyway i was telling that Mr Keith and the other scientists interviewed on WP article were playing victims, almost seemed that they were demanding for an answer from government or whoever against the “chemtrail believers”…a facebook page trying to threat major anti-geoengeneering activists must be their scheme now ?…”killing” is a strong word and authoraties and facebook do nothing?…for autoraties must be a facebook page of “normal” people and not terrorists threats!”We feel much better!”…
    My sincere Thanks to Mr greg Palen and Miss Marilou Harris and all of you in this fight for all your courage…
    This spraying is not just a white haze or white trails.Look at my photos of the evil and dark dust or whatever they put in the skies early in the mornings almost everyday …



  7. Beau Jeste says:

    Isn’t this the one that was bought by Evelyn de Rothschild????

  8. The Mayhem says:

    Keep protesting. We need to stop the geo-engineering and end the climate onslaught on California.

  9. andrew says:

    Thanks Steve, interesting video – certainly covers many topics!

  10. Steve says:

    May God bless, encourage and protect Greg and Marylou while they do this marvellous protest! Awareness must be raised, one person at a time, or hopefully many at a time this Monday in Atlanta. Thank you Andrew, as well for your updates from Scotland. My family roots are Scots, and I really appreciate you exposing the bloody aircrap the conscience-barren NWO buggers are spraying over there. Keep up the work, we shall reap a good harvest of wisdom, if we faint not. May I offer a wee musical bit of analysis of the demented folks behind geoengineering, and so many other evils of this present world. It’s called Don’t Let Them Boil That Frog… Pass it on for an awareness raiser!
    Here’s the link:

  11. Karin Six says:

    Best of luck at your protest and hoping for a miracle to stop Geoengineering! The world has no idea what this is doing to farmers! Famine may wake a few people up although I’d hate to see it come to that!

  12. Marc says:

    I am humbled and in awe of the profound courage and wisdom displayed by Mr. Greg Pallen and Marylou Harris in orchestrating this event. Yes, at this late hour the CABAL are resorting to ever more direct tactics of intimidation and suppression relating to exposure of their omnicidal agenda.
    Consider 911. What won’t these heartless psychos refrain from to protect the roll-out of their secret New World Order?
    I swear as I sit here, I have just about had it with these leeches. Never would have imagined when I was a young boy that it would come to this. And yet, here we are, floundering between poisoned skies, poisoned water and poisoned earth in 2015. When does mass starvation become the norm in good ol’ USA?


    We are so very proud of Greg Pallen & Marylou Harris for your wonderful work, diligence, credible info and your love of humanity! It surely means so much to know that there are people as passionate about life as we are. Our children deserve a better world. It’s time that these evil Climate Engineering programs get revealed to the Public and those all who are involved may they be exposed to their loved ones on just how rotten to the core they truly are. We wish Greg, Marylou and everyone who assists in this peaceful protest much love, guidance and to wake up the sleeping. Thank you!

  14. DD says:

    Will there be a live stream event coverage ? I am unable to attend, but will be thinking of you Greg and Marylou and other peaceful protestors in attendance. Dane Wigington, thank you for the tireless efforts continually put forth in exposing these climate engineering puppets at WCHQ! I’m excited to see this unfold and will be following closely, yes that means tuning into the weather channel all day on Monday. Peace to all activists dedicated to this fight!!!

  15. TreesAreLife says:

    Wow to two very amazing people thank you Greg Pallen, and Marylou Harris. This in an incredibly huge blow to debunkers and disinformation agents, no wondering they are making death threats. I have often wondered if geoengineering is really not happening, they would just leave us alone because we are crazy right?

  16. andrew says:

    My 35th email to my contact list, titled: Why do I do it?

    1. Why do I send out these emails?

    I work outside most days of the year, and walk our dogs twice every day. I see intensive atmospheric spraying, or the effects of it, every day.

    I believe that this form of geoengineering is the most immediate threat to humanity, excepting global nuclear war.

    Even scientists who are not yet prepared to admit that intensive global spraying is currently going on, are terrified about the known consequences. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2849201/Scientist-admits-terrified-technology-developed-stop-global-warming.html

    In the last two years, at least 74 potential “whistleblowers” have died from ‘accidents’, ‘suicide’, or been murdered. How many have been otherwise dissuaded from speaking out?

    We should be told about, and have a say or vote in, everything that concerns our nation, our health, our lives, and our environment.

    I do not believe this is the case, particularly with regard to Geoengineeering and Global Warming.

    Toxic atmospheric spraying and other geoengineered weather manipulations are rapidly taking us to extinction type events such as:
    A serious decline in global health – alzheimers, dementia, autism, respiratory ailments, atherosclerosis, morgellans, etc, etc. The “slow kill”.
    A massive depletion of our ozone layer and biosphere, resulting in earth being more susceptible to the sun’s Coronal Mass Ejections (CME), and Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP).
    Lethal levels of UV are now reaching the earth’s surface.
    Serious warming of the Arctic with the resultant huge releases of methane.
    Rapidly increasing global warming.

    In California last year, the official weather stations under-reported the temperature by an average of 4.6ºC. This is another disgraceful and deceitful “playing for time” scenario. A global temperature increase of 4ºC is an extinction event.

    What we should be doing nationally and globally, is declaring war on global warming – not some false flag war on terror.

    This is a War for Survival.

    To say that there is no point in just one country doing this, is ludicrous.
    Excepting military invasion, the country and people to survive the longest will be the ones to take action now.

    To say “Why bother, if it is going to happen anyway” is also ludicrous. Humans are animals, and animals have an extraordinary survival instinct.

    Full Emergency Powers should be enacted, and every effort made to create the war time spirit of everyone ‘pulling together for the common cause’.
    There are many many things we can do to increase our chances of survival, including:
    Our involvement in atmospheric spraying must cease.
    We must not allow spraying to be conducted in our air space.
    We must withdraw from the Open Skies Policy.
    The bribery (subsidy payments) and extortion (arbitrary increases to our energy bills) of our futile Renewables Policies must be stopped.
    As quickly as possible, all domestic homes should be made self sufficient for their energy needs, and until that is achieved, energy supplies should be limited/rationed.
    There must be full research and development of the many forms of ‘free energy devices’.

    2. Mass migrations from coastal areas are already underway http://www.worldbulletin.net/haber/139656/rising-sea-levels-force-100000-pakistanis-from-coastal-homes

    3. Whilst pruning my apple trees this year, I had an unusually large number of ‘dead, diseased or dying’ branches. It appears we are catching up with California and the rest of USA with dead, diseased and dying trees.

    Note to self: check to see if Monsanto have developed Aluminium, UV, or drought resistant apple trees…

  17. Jane Kean says:

    Will be with you in spirit. Bonne chance.

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